mint leaf
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Mint leaves have a great deal of health benefits. Mint leaf is an herb that is globally known for its health benefits, particularly since it is use for a mixture of items, such as breath fresheners, mulling over gum, toothpaste, mouthwash. In any case, only a couple of people understand that mint leaves likewise have many other health benefits.

Consuming mint is useful for the form, such as cooling the digestive tract, or if stomachs ache will enormously help as...

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anise seed
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Today the various plants give lots of benefits to the human race and society. Many kinds of benefits can be taken from various plants present in the nature that provide many resources for the development of human race. One of the most beneficial plants present in the nature is Anise seeds. Anise seed are quite useful seeds with several benefits. It is a member to the Apiacee family. It is grey-brown color and is oval in shape...

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Coriander also known as cilantro or ‘Dhania’ is an annual herb belonging to the family of Apiaceae, it is also used as a spice or taste enhancer in many dishes, especially in Asia.  Coriander is natively found in southern Europe and North Africa to south western Asia. It a very soft plant with leaves variable in size and shaped broadly at the base of the base of the plant, getting slender as we go up...

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Honey is quite sweet food which is made by the bees with the help of the nectars of the flowers. There are larger varieties of products which are available in the market. There are lots of health effects which have been observed from the longer durations. The details with regards to its medicinal and nutritional qualities have been noted and documented in different eras like Vedic, Roman, Greek, Christian, Islamic and some other texts...

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Why you should eat Nutmeg?

Nutmeg is a popular spice that has been used widely in and around the world. The origin of this spice dates back to Elizabethan’s times. From then onwards, the cost of this spice raised at a shocking rate as there was a rumor that it would destroy any kind of plague including the incurables ...

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red chilli
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Red Chillies, as we are aware of, is a culinary spice which adds flavor to a dish.   They are stimulants for the appetite. If taken in the right quantity, it is better than green chillies.  Red Chillies or the Chilli plant is originally a native of Central America.  The Spanish and Portuguese traders introduced this spice to the rest of the world. It is used in Ayurveda medicines in curing a lot of diseases...

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Turmeric is a spice which is used in all dishes in the daily preparing foods.  It is exported and produced in India.  It is also known as Indian saffron.  Basically it is added in curry powders.  Its botanical name is curcuma longa.  In French it is called as saffron des indes, in German it is called as gelbwurz, in Italian, Spanish it is called as curcuma, in Arabic it is called as khakoum, manjal in tamil, pasupu in telugu and in hindi it is called as haldi...

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Crocus Sativus is the flower from which saffron is derived. The spice saffron is the world’s most expensive food and spice by weight. The spice is from the family of Iridacae. The saffron is grown mainly in cold climatic conditions like Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Saffron is a crimson colored spice which has a wonderful aroma and a mind blowing taste. Although saffron is quite expensive it is still an ordinary kitchen spice...

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Cumin seeds are one of those spices which can be found in every possible food item made in our

household. Cumin seeds are an important ingredient and a flavoring agent in cooked vegetables,

rice, daals, buttermilk, curd etc. Cumin seeds are also fried and used as a flavoring ingredient. The

spice is also an herb and has been defined as one of the best herbs by the Ayurveda which is the

ancient Indian treatise of medicine...

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The Indian treatise of medicine, the Ayurveda has always prescribed herbs for the treatment and ailment of diseases, illnesses and sicknesses. According to the treatise, herbs are the gift from Mother Nature and are the best medicines. Ayurveda generally prescribes herbs that are used in a normal routine of human food.  All the herbs prescribed by the treatise are available ingredients in a house hold. One such herb is cardamom...

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